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Box of 6 Comprises:

2 x Bottles of Syrah

2 x Bottles of Pinot Gris

2 x Bottles of Rosé

6 Wines for  $110
Box of 12 Comprises:

4 x Bottles of Syrah

4 x Bottles of Pinot Gris

4 x Bottles of Rosé

12 Wines for $170

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Syrah 2010         (Bronze Medal)
Crafted from grapes sourced in Waipara Canterbury and processed in our winery * an excellent vintage year *  left in french oak barrels for one year to mature, this wine has a ruby rich hue * full body * good mouth extension * tastes of ripe plums & berries with hint of spice * allow  decant time to breathe prior to drinking at room temperature * the wine maker uses course filtration and so note there could be some residual in the last pour!          

Pinot Gris 2011        
Crafted from our local vineyard, this is an elegant light style Pinot Gris wine * tastes of pear & honeydew melon with a hint of minerality imparted by clay/loam soil * best served not too chilled to impart the delicate fruit tastes . Do note there maybe some “wine” diamonds or harmless natural tartrates in the last pour of wine.  These occur sometimes during the cold stabilisation process of white wines.             

Pinot Gris 2008 
Grapes sourced from Waipara Canterbury and processed in our winery.  A late harvest vintage,  picked at high brics, resulting in a Dessert Style wine with legs!  Bursting with tastes of Autumn fruits * pear, melon, peach * dark golden hue * full body and mouth feel * a sip and savour wine * serve at room temperature.

Pinot Noir Rose´  2016
Crafted from pinot noir grapes grown in our vineyard *  the grapes were left soaking for just a few days to extract the rose glow hue from the skins and then processed in a white wine style resulting in a full body but dry style  Rose * tastes of light plums and berries with a floral nose * ideal for any occasion but especially liesurely summer picnics.  Best served not too chilled.   Note : as our wines are course-filtered so as to allow character in the wine, there may be some organics  concentrate in the last pour of the wine which is naturally occuring and harmless.

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