Population: Unknown

Conservation status: Threatened-Nationally Endangered

Found in: Alpine and sub-alpine habitats along the Southern Alps and within Kahurangi National Park, in the South Island

Rock wren conservation

Rock wrens are our only true alpine bird. It is unknown how they survive the harsh climate above the tree line all year round, but it is likely they continue to forage on rocky bluffs where snow has not collected and amongst large boulder fields. Some have suggested they may have a period of semi-hibernation.

Titipounamu sound

Stoats are main predators

Rock wrens are poor fliers. They nest on the ground and are easy targets for introduced predators.

Until recently, it was assumed rock wrens were relatively safe from predators in their alpine habitat. However, rock wrens are now absent or very rarely seen in many areas where they were once commonly found.
Researchers using nest-cameras have identified stoats as the main predator of rock wrens.

With thanks to the Department Of Conservation as the source for this information and images


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