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bi.ome   noun   


a large naturally ocurring community of flora & fauna occupying a major habitat    eg. forest

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Highland Hijinks

Hello from the northern Highlands of Scotland! We arrived in Cromarty from Glasgow via Loch Ness and Glen Coe. A lovely scenic trip, if a bit wet and misty through the first part (but what else would you expect from Scotland?!)

Cromarty is an amazing historic little town, with the most unique and picturesque cottages. I've taken far too many photos to include them all here, but I have added some! 

We are lucky enough to have an view over the sea from the attic bedroom window where we are staying. So far we have also been out looking for dolphins, visiting Fort George and spent time with Scottish friends who we haven't seen in decades. We spent some time in an old medieval church (approximately 700 years old) while the wind roared through yesterday. 

Our next planned trip was to venture to Oban via Applecross. It was a tad cool for us even though its summer, but we're not complaining! Stopping in Plockton we went on a one hour trip around the bay to see the Duncraig Castle and the seals sprawled over the rocks. Continuing on our drive over to Applecross, well this was quite an experience. We seemed to be at very high altitude on a very narrow road (single track with numerous passing  bays...with sheer drop off either side). Certainly not a drive for the faint hearted, but we were treated to sun and stunning views all along the way.

Enjoy some of our photos, we are due to head out for more exploring of the isles - stay tuned!

Ann is one half of Point Bush Wines, alongside husband Gary. A lover of tropical temperatures, a permanent British expat since the age of 18, and happiest when discovering local history and culture wherever she goes.

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