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a large naturally ocurring community of flora & fauna occupying a major habitat    eg. forest

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Growing an Ecosanctuary

Getting Underway with Ecosanctuary Native Bush Seedling Selection!

Spring and planting time is here!   However, we have to be patient as plans to plant out the Point Bush Ecosanctuary area in natives is programmed for 2 to 3 year’s away.  However, the selection of native species for propagation is now!

Gary and I met with local Headford Propagators Nursery Owners Grant and Roybnne Hayman last week at their Nursery to talk through plans for future planting programme of some 50K native seedlings to enhance the existing established native bush from the Red Seat area of the Whitehorse Walkway to the top.   

Drawing on Grant’s extensive knowledge of the area we were delighted to initiate propagation plans for suitable native species, using locally sourced seed and duff with emphasis on planting species that will tolerate terrain and climate conditions high on the hill.

We enjoyed an interesting tour around the Nursery and met members of the very busy Headford’s team of people engaged in potting  up and fulfulling a mountain of orders destined for around the country. Grant showed us a sample of peat pots! Headford’s is moving towards using biodegradeable pots made from peat as an option to plastic pots, enabling plants to be planted directly into the soil with the plant.

Once a final selection of natives has been made and during the time  seedlings will be nurtured at Headford’s, we will be tackling the pre-planting steps by way of establishing a pest predator  boundary fence and working in with Environment Canterbury Biodiversity Officer Jason Hawker to tackle the huge issue of Wallaby numbers in the area with plans for  a Winter 2020 pest control programme in the pipeline.   

DOC pest predator  trapping Workshops for volunteers interested to assist with local trapping is on the list to get started on.  So watch out for updates as to when and how to sign up!
Grant, is  6th generation of the Hayman family line having lived in the area and established Headford Propagators with Robynne 25 years ago. They have been supplying growing-on-lines and landscape plants to the wholesale market since 1994 and are  well know for their many successful Partner planting projects.   

Ann is one half of Point Bush Ecosanctuary, alongside husband Gary. A lover of tropical temperatures, a permanent British expat since the age of 18, and happiest when discovering local history and culture wherever she goes.

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