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a large naturally ocurring community of flora & fauna occupying a major habitat    eg. forest

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Whitehorse Walkway Tour - Spring 2019

Spring 2019 - Waimate's Natural History Tour of the Whitehorse Walkway & Link Track

A big thank you to everyone who joined us for a tour of the Whitehorse Walkway and Link Track! We had a great time chatting about Waimate's incredible natural history and the future of our biodiversity.

Andrew Oliver and Gary Dennison took a keen group along the Whitehorse Walkway (from Point Bush Road), while Ann Dennison and Geoff Leinert provided a tour of the Link Track (which begins at the Whitehorse Monument)

Gary Dennison introduces the Point Bush Ecosanctuary vision, and explains the history of the property from when it was first purchased by the Dennison's 30 years ago.

Andrew Oliver talks about the Waimate District and incredible biodiversity already found in the area

Standing in the presence of "tree dinosaurs" who have been overlooking Waimate for close to 1000 years

Point Bush Ecosanctuary is home to an incredible diversity of regenerated native forest which has been protected in a QEII covenant for over 25 years and has flourished as a home to native flora and birdlife. By creating an Ecosanctuary this will continue to provide a haven for birdlife.

Overlooking Waimate Township from the infamous "red bench seat" which offers unrivaled views out to the coastline! (and an excellent stop to catch your breath)

This point along the Whitehorse Walkway marks the current boundary where the native bush regeneration ends and the location of land which was previously harvested for pine plantation forestry. The predominant  cover here is gorse which will act as a natural nursery protection for native species which will be planted in the future. 

This area of the Ecosanctuary has been cleared of wilding pine trees which had reseeded after harvesting of the forestry plantation. Native species will be planted and allowed to regenerate through this area closest to the ridgeline, with special consideration given to which species will be best suited to living in this unique climate!

The Point Bush Ecosanctuary has its top boundary along Centrewood Park Road, and the Western Boundary fenceline ends just before the Whitehorse Monument area (just beyond the pine trees seen in the background)

The Whitehorse Monument reserve is the starting point for the Link Track, a wonderful way to take in the views over the Waimate District and out to the Pacific Ocean on the coast (gateway entrace to the track seen in the background)

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the tour, and we will be offering another similar event in the near future! 

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