Point Bush Biome

bi.ome   noun   


a large naturally ocurring community of flora & fauna occupying a major habitat    eg. forest

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It was a big milestone day yesterday, as our Predator Proof fence officially “linked up” and became a full enclosure surrounding our 90ha site! There are still more layers of the fine mesh to be installed, however the main fence structure and self-closing access gates are installed!

We have reached a very exciting stage of the Ecosanctuary project, involving a lot of activity around the site - which is a timely reminder to check in here with our Facebook page for any important notices and to follow all directions/signage when entering the Ecosanctuary site! With Contractors working on earthworks and fence work along with volunteers laying pest and predator traps, establishing monitoring stations, plus the fantastic volunteers from the Whitehorse MTB Riders
group working on track maintenance and weed spraying ahead of the upcoming Big Easy competition. Please remember that if you’re bringing your four legged friends with you to enjoy the tracks ALL DOGS MUST BE ON LEAD AT ALL TIMES

The Predator Fence

Work on The Predator Fence commenced on 23rd November and apart from a break over the Christmas/New Year period, has proceeded at an amazing pace with the whole 90ha now encircled with posts with the fencing contractors following close behind fixing the deer wire and grid mesh in place. The whole 4.5 km length of predator fencing will then be completed once the mesh has been installed (this prevents small pests from being able to squeeze through gaps). The specially made predator gates are now being installed at the entrance points to the Ecosanctuary - there are still a couple more gates to be installed up the top of the hill where the Whitehorse Walkway goes through to the Whitehorse Monument.

We are grateful for the wonderful workmanship and skill of our local Waimate Contractors who have been constructing the Predator Fence for the Trust - Ian Leathwick, James Wratt Fencing and their teams, Rollinson Engineering and of course an enormous thanks to our Sponsors that have made this project a reality!

Once the Ecosanctuary fence is enclosed, a solar powered electric wire will be activated on the fence exterior and along with the barbed wire at the base of the fence line and skirt mesh to keep the pests and predators out! There is already a lot of confused wallaby wandering around on the outside wondering “who put that barrier there”! We believe we might just be the first site within the region to successfully eradicate Wallaby thanks to the installation of the fence. 30 traps recently installed have since caught possum, stoats and feral cats - with traps being checked and monitored regularly by a group of volunteers who attended our recent public workshop.

And yes, the “Big Easy” shared track, Mountain biking and Whitehorse Walking Tracks are all OPEN!

>>> Access to the Big Easy and The Whitehorse Walkway from the Point Bush Road Car Park is through the new single metal gate entrance (you will see this on your left as you look up the hill) Please note - The yellow tape is just there to protect new grass seed!


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