Point Bush Biome

bi.ome   noun   


a large naturally ocurring community of flora & fauna occupying a major habitat    eg. forest

WELCOME to our blog about everything from our biosphere... 


signs of spring

Signs of Spring are here and so is Te Wiki Tiaki Ao Turoa or Conservation Week 4 - 12 September!Unfortunately, many of the planned community events during this period have been put on hold with the current level of lockdown.  However, we encourage you all to look at Nature "up close" even if it's  in your own backyard!    Look closely at Nature!  Take time to stare into the Springtime blossom that has burst forth at the moment. Marvel at the petal shapes, colours and the incredible design of stamens each flower has developed to attract the pollen spreading birds and insects vital to their continuity.

Take a magnifying glass and take a closer look!

The Kowhai trees around the Point Bush Ecosanctuary have been prolific and there is now a carpet of yellow petals that look like yellow snow!

With the winter sunshine and the bursting Kowhai flowers, The Karimoku (Bellbird) have been very active and in full bird song to celebrate this stunning flowering.


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