Point Bush Biome

bi.ome   noun   


a large naturally ocurring community of flora & fauna occupying a major habitat    eg. forest

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Plans for winter native tree planting commenced last week along sites along the hill top of the Ecosanctuary

Local contactors Central Forestry Services Ltd began planting on Tuesday 10th May last week and by Friday (over 4 days) had planted 10,454 selected native canopy plants that were provided by local Headford Propagators nursery

A variety of native species planted includes:

  • Leptospermum scoparium (Manuka)
  • Kunzea Ericoides (Kanuka)
  • Plagianthus Regius (Ribbonwood)
  • Cordyline Australis (Cabbage Tree)
  • Pittosporum Tenuifolium,
  • Black Mariposa,
  • Coprosma
  • and variety of hebes

A good dousing of rain fell over the weekend after planting and would have given them all a good start! The hill top of the Ecosanctuary rises to 450m and it’s well known the wind and chill factor up there can be impacting on the growth of what is planted, hence this selection of low to medium size hardy bush plants should provide suitable cover canopy for future planted and regenerating Tōtara.

There’s considerable dormant seed in the ground from former native forest cover that we hope will emerge once the cover canopy is established and the pest browsing wallaby numbers within the fenced sanctuary are finally eradicated.

A further planting is scheduled for beginning of October when the Forestry contractors are able to return.

Plant Protectors are still to be put in place and we will be sharing details of an upcoming working bee if you would be interested in coming along to help!


Our Trust are extremely grateful for the funding for this native planting project applied for through MPI's Billion Tree Fund!


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