Point Bush Biome

bi.ome   noun   


a large naturally ocurring community of flora & fauna occupying a major habitat    eg. forest

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Your donations are helping!

Donations help turn visions into reality!

As the Ecosanctuary grows and matures, plans include elimination of pest predators
and wallabies to facilitate eventual introduction of SI Robin and Tieke native bird species., use of technology/apps to monitor trapping and biodiversity data.

Future developments we are looking for funding to support include

    *  WIFI network coverage of the Ecosanctuary
    *  Development of Ecosanctuary App identifying native flora & fauna
    *  Database development
    *  Establishment of Biodiversity Educational Hub/Forest School area
    *  Ecosanctuary track map app
    *  Traps/bait/trail cameras for monitoring
    *  Track maintenance tools/equipment/herbicides/fence maintenance
    *  Visitor Centre - community events/ workshops/talks/trapping workshops


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