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a large naturally ocurring community of flora & fauna occupying a major habitat    eg. forest

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New Steps being built on the Whitehorse Walkway in the EcoSanctuary

The Whitehorse Walkway is a very popular walking track that runs uphill through the EcoSanctuary native bush, leading to the iconic Whitehorse effigy that lies on the hillside at 400m elevation overlooking the township of Waimate Those who walk the track regularly are very familiar with a steep section of track (just before the red seat) that has a length of blue climbing rope lashed to tree trunks,  acting as a handy “rail” to hang onto as the track is prone to being excessively slippery when muddy!

Yesterday, 9 November,  long awaited work commenced on building a flight of timber framed steps over this 50 m slippery track section!
PROBLEM!  How to get the materials of wood and Waratahs up the hill  to the site as the walking track is not sufficiently wide enough to allow vehicle or motorised access!
A group of willing  volunteers answered a call our shout out  for HELP and turned up to form a chain of “human pack mules” carting lengths of pre cut timber up the hill to the construction site.  It’s a steep challenging climb up the grass covered front face of the hill then navigating a wire fence and onto the  track itself through native bush.
It was a glorious sunny day and the Bellbirds were in full voice.
The views were amazing but it was darned HOT work !  The Pack
Mules were resolute and spent several hours transporting the timber 3 to 4 lengths at a time and handing on to the next team …. Onwards and Upwards!
A big thank you to the 11 volunteers for their superb effort
and stamina!

Martin of Building Crafts is the master craftsman in charge of building the steps over the next week or so.  There will be a call out for another volunteer help session to assist with getting shingle to the site but this time descending downhill!
If you would like to lend a hand do
Contact us on 021 576 868

Funding for this project was undertaken by Waimate Trackways Committee through
The Waimate District Council Recreational Grant Fund

The track was put in over 40 years ago when the Whitehorse monument was created by the Hayman family to commemorate the mighty shire horses used in tilling and   ploughing the land in the area.


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